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This is my talk page! There is nothing here yet!

(Except the previous line. And this line. Oh, and I added other stuff.)

Stuff I want to do with this wiki/questions:

  • Convert all of the episode transcriptions to a common format
    • Interlinears
    • Anchors to allow direct linking to lines
    • Categorize by Character
  • Add Reaper dialect
  • Add reference links
  • Archive DJP's posts to Sources
    • Almost done
  • Make grammar section
  • Potential 'articles' section with stuff discussing parts of trig in more detail (Like Kate's posts)
  • Create style guide
    • Directions on what should go where
    • when to use a from-English etymology vs. a compound word etymology
  • How should non-canon words be attributed? Just to the kru, or to individuals?
  • Does Kate want to host Floukru stuff on here? We can mark it as Flougedasleng as a dialect
  • More Semantic Categories (we have Category: Animals, Category: Colors, Category: Kinship Terms already)
  • Add contractions to Lexicon
  • More details on etymologies. Maybe a trivia section on pages?