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Thank you for looking into how you can help with this wiki. The wiki is intended to be a kru effort, and any energy you put towards it is greatly appreciated. This page is intended to be an introduction on how to start editing the wiki.

Telongeda runs off of the same software that Wikipedia does. If you are familiar with editing there, most of that will apply here as well.


The wiki is made up out of pages. If you look at the top of the page, you'll see tabs that say "Page" and "Discussion". The Page tab is the content itself. The Discussion tab (also called a 'talk page') is meant for discussion about the page in question. If you have questions about the page, write those comments on the discussion page. After your comment, type in " ~~~~ " - that will automatically sign the comment with your user information and date the comment.

You can edit a page by clicking the Edit option. You'll see the page in wiki markup - you can edit is as you see fit.

Links to wiki pages will either be blue or red. Blue links lead to pages that exist, while red links lead to pages that do not exist. When you follow a red link, you'll get an option to create the page instead of editing one. A new page may be pre-populated with a template that includes a number of comments (which you can delete when you are done creating the page) and a skeleton of the standard page format.


In the sidebar on the right of each page you will see a list of categories that apply to the page. Click on the link to see all of the pages in that category.


Pages use a standard 'markup' language for specifying how a page should be formatted (italics, bold, lists, tables, etc.). For a description of the markup, see this Mediawiki formatting page. (Links with that icon lead to pages on other sites.)


We use a number of templates in the formatting. In the editing page, you'll see them surrounded by pairs of curly braces, e.g. {{TemplateName}}. These templates insert elements automatically into the page, such as formatting elements and category markers. Try to use the appropriate templates whenever possible. If you are not sure exactly what to use or how to use it, edit a page that looks like what you are trying to accomplish and see how it is marked up.

Some templates take one or more paramaters. Include those using the | character, e.g. {{TemplateName|param1|param2|....}}.


You may see commented text while editing a page. It will look like this:

<!-- This is a comment -->

This is a comment (it just said so!). Comments are in the markup, but do not show on the final page. You'll see a lot of these in pre-loaded text, given instructions and suggestions. You can delete all of these comments without a problem.


The wiki is broken up into several sections called namespaces. The name space of a page is in the title, before a colon. So if you look at the top of this page, you'll see that "Telongeda" is the namespace, followed by the name of the actual page. Pages in the same namespace must have different names, but that does not apply to a different namespace.

Notice that the actual word pages have no namespace in their title. They are a part of the 'main' namespace. The mian search bar at the top of the page only searches this main namespace. If you create a page without including a namespace in the name (just a name with no colon), it will go into the main namespace.

This wiki is currently using the following namespaces:

(noname) 'Main' webspace. Pages for Trig and Slak words exist in this name space.
Telongeda This space is for pages about the wiki - instructions, etc. This page is in that name space.
Sources Used to put sources of words, such as TV scripts, DJP tumblr posts, and chat transcripts.
Grammar Used for articles about the grammar of Trig.
User Each user has their own User page, which they can use for bios, descriptions, whatever.
Template Templates used in editing articles

There are more namespaces, but they are either used for technical reasons, or are not fully implemented yet.

Talk namespaces

Every namespace as a 'talk' namespace, which has a name of the parent namespace and them "_Talk:". This is where discussion pages for a page exist. The talk namespace for the main space is just "Talk:".

What Next?

You can look at our Telongeda:Style Guide for details on the guidelines for how pages should be written.

If you want to know more about how MediaWiki (this software) works, go to their Help pages.