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:X After asking for the Trigedasleng for the Grounder Anthem, I found it on @kimshum 's twitter. So, instead can I ask about a specific line? The English reads "Save what you need" and the Trigedasleng is "Bed' ge jok au." Is it just me, or does that more closely translate to "Better get the fuck out?" I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. :) Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Remember that in Trigedasleng, it's not the verb itself that gives us the lexical meaning, but the unique combination of verb and verbal satellite. Jok…of is “f*ck”; jok…au is “rip out” or “extract” or “yank”. In the song it's like “The world is going to burn, so you'd better get what you need and get out”. That was the idea behind the translation (remember that I was trying to keep the rhyme scheme here).

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