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From Telongeda
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This may seem like an odd question, but I was wondering how to translate "ladykiller" into Trigedasleng. Such as if you were to say "She is a ladykiller". Since ladykiller is slang, I figured the closest I could get with my own knowledge of Trigedasleng is adding "woman" and "murderer" together. So I came up with "Em laik planripa".

Honestly, the answer would be that the concept probably wouldn't translate, and there just wouldn't be a word for it, but planripa is just so joken cool, that like, yeah. That's it. Or if not that, whatever. Man, planripa. I like to think of it a different way, as like instead that's the word for a female warrior. Someone like Indra would be a planripa. Sounds totally badass. I love it. Can it be that?

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